What services does BAREO provided?

BAREO delivered a complete service of interior design and decoration with our professional team. We have 3 types of our services; 1. Turn Key Design Service (TKS) : Interior Design and Decoration with Budget Control. 2. Quintessentially Design Service (QDS) : Premium & Exclusive Interior Design and Decoration. 3. Project Design Service (PDS) : Interior Design and Decoration for space more than 1,000 Square-Meters.

BAREO welcome to deliver our services for all area in Thailand*. For foreign country design and decoration service, please contact Design Advisor for more information.

*Excluded Thailand’s 3 Southern Boarder Provinces until further notice.

BAREO offers Turn Key Service TKS for serving customers who want to focus on controlling decoration costs. This TKS service There will be a design service fee that is cheaper than other service fees. and suitable for customers who want to design along with decoration only (if the customer wants only the design Please select QDS service instead.)

Because BAREO‘s Turn Key Service TKS design service focuses on speed in interior design and decoration. Including controlling expenses within the budget. Therefore, BAREO‘s TKS will mainly refer to the company’s standard details. This makes it unnecessary to use a drawing. Customers who use the TKS service will receive realistic CGI or 3D images as specified. To use in conjunction with the Plan for use as a reference in the interior decoration.

BAREO‘s Turn Key Service TKS is work that emphasizes speed and cost control. Therefore, it is not suitable for projects that are not yet ready for decoration work, such as projects that are under construction. or projects that require structural additions, etc. by project customers who are undergoing construction or building additions. You can choose to use QDS service. that is more comprehensive and flexible in making detailed edits instead

BAREO’s Quintessentially Design Service or QDS is an interior design and decoration service. Developed further from the original TKS service, the QDS service focuses on design that goes down to the details. To provide customers with quality interior decoration work that is different from other work in the market.

Therefore, QDS operation takes much more time than TKS service. This is because various behaviors and preferences must be studied. of customers in order to develop it into a unique style After getting the right design and the customer is satisfied. The design development team will then begin writing detailed drawings specifically for the project. This makes each project always stand out and be different.

BAREO’s Project Design Service or PDS has been developed from QDS to support projects with sizes ranging from 1,000 – 10,000 square meters*, which are classified as extra-large projects. and need care and more care from BAREO’s team than other types of services

Moreover, since the project size is extra large, the design fees per square-meter of PDS compare to QDS is more economical.

*Projects larger than 10,000 square meters Please contact Design. Advisor to get more information

After the 1st contacted from clients, BAREO will ask for some information such as existing plan or layout plan, current site images, scope of work and requirement. If client do not have existing plan or layout plan, we do provide plan making service with extra charges. We are also delighted to do the site visit, please make an appointment more than 1 day in advance with BAREO staff. (Free of charge : For location in Bangkok, Charge according to distance : For location outside Bangkok. This service still not available for foreign country)

  1. Layout Plan with drafty furniture layout, or Zoning Plan with zone propose description.
  2. Mood & Tone (Image References) which may come from BAREO’s Portfolio or other sources.
  3. Budget Proposal which state interior design fees and interior decoration estimate budget.

If clients agree with our proposal and sign a contract with BAREO, we will proceed to the next stage.

Design Stage : After sign the contract and make a payment for the Design Fees, BAREO will visit the site to do the details measurement of the to-be-design spaces. BAREO might arrange another meeting with clients to talk about more specific details in each spaces. We might also ask about your hobbies, lifestyle, and preferences to use as references when design. The 1st Design Draft will be submitted to the clients after 3-4 weeks after sign the contract. The following drafts will be submit every 1-2 week(s) depends on the amount of work needed to submit in each submission. (Please noted that larger scale project may take more time)

After all the 3D images or CGI rendering are approved, BAREO will arrange another meeting to choose the materials for each furniture. Next, BAREO will start the details drawing process along with composing a Final Price documents.

If clients agree with the Final Price, we will proceed to the next stage.

Decoration Stage : The production process will be taken place at our 3,000 Square-meters BAREO FACTORY. Every of our work pieces are craft with our professional craftsmen and artisans together with many advanced and automated machines. With our original method, Fully Finished Built-in Process (FFB) which produce more than 85% of the work from our factory. The process allow us to check all the error before transport the work pieces to the site, so the installation process will be faster and cleaner than the traditional process. And ready to handover the works to our clients flawlessly.

Existing Plan or Layout Plan, Current site images (if have) and the images references of the style clients prefer. All the information will be use to talk about the space and function design together with the decoration.

For service Turn Key Design Service หรือ TKS

  • Proposal Stage : 7-10 days after 1st Meet or after BAREO receive all the require information from client.
  • The Design Phase takes approximately 1 – 1.5 months, or more if the customer’s interior space is large.
  • The Decoration Phase takes approximately 1.5 – 2.5 months and is divided into production at the factory and installation on site. However, it may take longer if the customer’s interior space is large.

For service Quintessentially Design Service หรือ QDS

  • Proposal Stage : 7-10 days after 1st Meet or after BAREO receive all the require information from client.
  • Design Stage : 2-3 months after sign the contract. Time might be differ due to the size of the project.
  • Decoration Stage : 2-3 months after the final price had been agreed. Which included the production time at BAREO FACTORY and installation time at the site. Time might be differ due to the size of the project.

For service Project Design Service or PDS

  • The Proposal Phase takes approximately 10 – 15 business days after the meeting or the day complete information and needs of the customer are received.
  • The Design Phase must be evaluated based on the size of the project and the type of project. After receiving the information and work contents,
  • The Design Phase must be evaluated based on the size of the project and the type of project. After receiving the information and work contents,

*The above information is only an approximation. Please contact Bareo’s Design Advisor for a more accurate estimate of the duration for each customer project.

Usually, Turn Key Design Service TKS clients can request for revision up to 2 times, to match all the design with clients preferences and 1 more time in the Material Choosing Stage. For Quintessentially Design Service (QDS) and Project Design Service (PDS) can request for the concept or space revision up to 3 times while other details design can be revise until match with clients preferences.

As for customers who use BAREO‘s QDS or PDS services, they can request to amend or change the concept or change the room size no more than 3 times. But you can request to change the design in the minor details as desired.

Turn Key Design Service (TKS) will receive 5 images of 3D images or CGI rendering for 60 Square-meters design spaces and 1 image will be added every 12.5 Square-meter design space. Clients can also purchase for additional images for 5,000THB/image (EXCLUDE VAT).

Quintessentially Design Service (QDS) will receive 3D images or CGI rendering depends on the size of the project which may vary from 4 to more than 50 images. Clients can assure that every essential spaces will be rendering and submit.

Project Design Service (PDS) will receive 3D images or CGI rendering depends on the size and type of the project. Normally will be 3D images or CGI rendering for every unique spaces and 1 set of 3D images or CGI rendering for typical room.

Custom Made Furniture is the furniture which design and produce to match with the style of the interior decoration and client’s preferences. Production with the high quality materials which client can choose everything from materials type, color, texture and more. For Example :

Closet – Client can freely choose the interior inner according to their fashion and style. Which type of clothes or dress you will be fit inside, the height, door opening style, and additional options like lighting or mirror inside the closet.

Sofa – The size of the sofa and the softness of the cushion can be customize. The materials of the upholstery, sofa legs or foot will be suggest by BAREO or client can choose the choice together with us.

Bed Base – The height of the bed base can be produce according to the bed mattress to have a suitable total height. The dimension of the bed can be adjusted, and the bed foot can be chosen. The materials and color are also open to all options which we will develop and see the real materials sample together before producing the bed base.

Wood Works : Every pieces of our work produce from real solid wood. So every pieces have a strong and lasting, can be used for a long time or keep as heritage. The surface are compressed with wood veneer with our wood pressing machine to get the best quality of wood to produce the furniture for our precious clients.

Paint Works : Most of our paints are Water-based Paint which safe for both craftsmen and client health. Water-based Paint did not mix with the dangerous volatile substances so the smell of the paints will be vanish within 48 hours. So a household with children or elders who irresistible to toxic chemical, or even a pets who loves to sniff or bite on the furniture can be assure. Because Water-based Paint won’t have chemical smell which cause illness. Clients can move-in right away after handover.

Normally, BAREO will select the project to submit into the awards contest every year. The selected project will be made into a book and 1 book will be published and send to the project owner client. Client will also receive the link for self-publish more books via website such as Blurb which client can publish as much as they want. (The cost and time will be according to the website)

For clients who want to publish a Private Book to kept as memories without submitted for the awards contest, BAREO have a Book Making Service for you. The Book Making Fees will be separate fees from the design fees and the price will be according to number of pages, size of the book you prefer and the content. The starting price is 50,000THB/project excluding book publishing fees.

If client want to publish a Private Book, please inform BAREO during Proposal or Design Stage since the book content may need elements or materials since the beginning of the project.

BAREO have warranty for every project for 1 year from the handover date. Within the warranty period, BAREO is happy to provide inspection services, repair service and give advice to our clients. Therefore, if the damage cause from improper used, the repair parts and transportation fees will be charge.

Furthermore, after the warranty period BAREO also happy to provide inspection services, repair service and give advice to our clients. The fees will be charge according to the transportation cost, the service and the parts which need to be repair. Our precious clients still always contact BAREO for the inspection & repair service even for the projects which have been more than 20 years-old.

For more information please contact 02-408-1341 or 061-846-6633 or via LINE Official “ @bareo ”